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SKU haiku collection
What's her name again?
Shadowed by those she shadows
Tired of this game
Living in the past
Longing to play prince again
Seems he's lost his chance
Cerulean eyes
A wild sparkle that defies
And sees through the lies
Blood-colored curtain
Over sugar-coated words
And a chance to fall
Innocence a curse
Convinced he needs what's beyond
His outstretched fingers
Venomous kisses
Drawing sweet blood as a salve
In her gilded jail
Chu chu chu chu chu
Chu chu chu chu chu chu chu
Chu chu chu chu chu
Now there is a smile
And cold heat warming the skin
Armor on the floor
Sleeping silently
Once a hero, now a dream
Beautiful sadness
Rose petals falling
Clashing, slashing, seducing
With calm eyes watching
Beautiful and cursed
Lips pursed imperiously
Feigning innocence
Pointed blade shining
Her surface of ice hiding
Flames that scorch the core
Not sure of his dreams
Haunted by cruel phantom words
Strikes out against what
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 1 2
Mature content
WorkInProgress-PiecesOfAStory :iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 1
VS- surprise for Dollface
“This is how the horror movies start,” Ichabod grumbled as he slid into the booth next to Jakob, the smell of tobacco still clinging to him.  The group had eaten at the diner, and then Ichabod had gone outside for a cigarette and Tristan and Sasha had gone to the gentlemen’s room to make out.  Mae moved a little closer to Aden , who stroked her back comfortingly.
“It’s also how fun movies like “Adventures of Priscilla” and “To Wong Foo” start,” Aden reminded her friends.
“And “Rocky Horror”, a delightful mix of both,” added Jakob, taking a sip of his iced tea.*
Though Aden hadn’t originally wanted Jakob or his amorous friends to come along, she couldn’t help but be glad of their presence.  Neither Jakob nor Sasha seemed to mind being stranded in the middle of nowhere, and Tristan was too shy and polite to bring up the fact that this road trip had been
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 5
Mature content
VS fanfic for Dollface :iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 6
Mature content
VS haiku set for Dollface :iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 4
Shiori+Kozue ficlet
Plenty of students sneak up to the roof to eat alone or to smoke or to hook up, but she's the only one Shiori's ever seen come to feed birds.  Shiori tells herself that's what she likes about her.  But then, she also likes being one of the few people whose presence the girl tolerates (it's possible, of course, that she simply doesn't notice Shiori, that she's just too harmless to register on her radar, but Shiori thinks the younger girl recognizes her as a kindred soul).
Standing on the edge of the roof, arms outstretched, surrounded by a dozen sparrows and starlings, she looks as though she could fly away herself.  Shiori realizes she's a little jealous, which worries her; envy is how love starts.
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 1 7
SKU: J+S ficlet
The hole in the bottom of Shiori’s shoe is making it harder than ever for her to keep up with Juri as they walk back to the dorms after classes.  Juri is, naturally, pretending politely not to notice, and this, more than any number of rocks in her shoe, annoys Shiori.
“Could you slow down a bit?” she snaps, pulling off the offending shoe and shaking it out.
“What happened to your shoe?” Juri asks with seemingly genuine concern.
She really hadn’t noticed.  Of course.  Why would she?  Shiori supposes she shouldn’t be surprised; Juri’s clothes never wear out.
She is, however, very much surprised when Juri sweeps her off her feet and carries her the rest of the way to her room.
That night Shiori gouges a hole in the sole of every shoe she owns.
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 1 5
Naruto + Sasuke ficlet
The time for words has passed, and now all Naruto can do is fight him, which is somehow a lot easier.  But still hard.  Ironically, now that they're on opposite sides, their moves compliment each other perfectly; they're an even match.  When they're as exhausted in body as they are in soul, they collapse on the ground next to each other as if they were teammates taking a break from sparring.  Naruto pretends for a few seconds that they are.  It isn't enough.
Their eyes meet, and Naruto tries one more time to think of the magic words that will fix whatever's broken in his ally, his rival, his friend.  Sooner or later the words will come to him.
It's not going to happen any time soon.
There are no words, and they can't fight anymore.  Naruto, frustrated, rolls over on top of Sasuke and holds him down, unwilling to let him escape or get the upper hand, and it's then that Sasuke starts to look scared.
Naruto understands
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 2 0
SKU drabble- J+S again
Juri begins to wonder if Shiori likes it this way.  Unless both of them learn some new steps the dance isn't going to change any time soon.  When one takes a step forward, the other steps back; when one moves away the other follows.  They can't touch; their lips remain a hair's breadth from each other at all times as more smitten boys are placed between them, both buffers and conductors, carrying indecipherable unspoken messages from one to the other.  This has been their mode of communication for years now.
Maybe all along.
Maybe they both like it this way.
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 2
WW drabble- Lakota+Erilys
   Black.  Some gray.  Always red.  With his eyes closed he can't see any other colors.  But he can feel blue; smell her.  Even in the dark she's blue; a deep but calm blue that's not eyes or hair or clothes.
   Anyway, his eyes are almost always open.  
   At first it may have been distrust; now, though, it's fear that he'll MISS something.
   How foolish.  He's already missed everything, and so has she.
   "There's the future, though," she whispers to him, eyes cool and bright.
   But every night the sun sets the same colors and wipes the blue from the sky.
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 0 2
Tango Sensations fanfic
No Emily
   Madison was not happy.  His friend Emily had selfishly gotten sick and refused to come to school, leaving Madison with an utter lack of Emily.  An Emilyless Madison is seldom the happiest of Madisons.  Coming to school without Emily was like coming to school without pants or arms, and not only was Madison used to having plenty of arms, he was the type who almost always wore pants.
   It wasn't as if Madison relied on Emily for a constant flow of conversation.  If he wanted cheerful encouragement, he could go to Taylor (if he could get him away from Susan).  If, on the other hand, he wanted to be insulted by a grumpy boy, he could go to Susan (if he could get past Taylor).  Gossip and naughty jokes Madison was capable of by himself.  People generally sought out Emily when they wanted to be ignored.  But Madison wasn't people, and very seldom did he want to be ignored
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 2 4
Zuko+Aang ficlet
slash/bl/mm; don't like, don't read.
Alone with Aang by the river, Zuko traces the arrows' path across the Avatar's skin, the younger Bender shivering a little at the touch.  Though he hadn't meant it as an invitation, when Aang hesitantly runs his fingers over Zuko's scar he doesn't stop him.  Aang's face registers empathy rather than pity, and something oddly like admiration.
"You know, you know just about everything about my life," the Airbender says softly.  "Why don't you tell me something about yours?"
"I suppose you want to know how I got THAT," Zuko says, as usual sounding harsher than he'd meant to.
Aang is used to this.  "Not just that," he says, blushing a bit, and to his surprise Zuko blushes too.
"...All right.  Where should I start?"
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 12 7
I'm not an angel
I'm just a doll
A piece of perfect
With nowhere better to fall
I can't love you
Until I've used you
And fixed my wings
(and other things)
No one else means anything
But you do
So keep singing
Till I save you
The beauty of others
Means nothing to me
The freedom of others
Makes me less free
Distractions amuse me
Memories abuse me
Then I find my way back to you
(I always do)
No one else has anything
That I need
So I'll stay
Till you're freed
I wish I could
Sleep next to you
If only because
You want me to
My piece of a heart
Is not enough
For such a simple thing
As love
Don't close your eyes
You're not alone
Don't close your window
I'm coming home
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 15 10
Utena ficlet
Utena never believed people really sleepwalked.  These days, though, it's hard to tell when she's asleep.
She wakes from a dream and finds herself outside, or leaning against the door to Akio's bedroom, or in bed with her arms wrapped tightly around Anthy (and how awkward that had been).
One day when her loving schoolgirl fans greet her exuberantly, she thinks, I want to rescue every last one of them.
It's the kind of thing she'd never tell Anthy.  It's the kind of thing she feels like she can tell Akio.
She doesn't.
He serves her some tea while waiting for Anthy to finish watering the roses.  His eyes penetrate her.  
"Something has been bothering you.  Should I worry?"
She wants to tell him about the sleepwalking.  
Instead she says, "It's strange, but I suddenly realized I don't like tea."
The next morning she wakes up in her bed and Anthy is the one who's not there.
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 2 20
Happy Birthday Molly- IcyBloom
     After another average, uneventful day at work, Icy comes home to her empty room.  Not much to do tonight.  No trouble.  No fun.  She's sick of making an honest living, and no longer has a reason to.  She misses her reason.
     "Oh, are you thinking about me?" an innocent voice asks.  Icy starts as Bloom sits next to her on her bed.
     "...How did you get in here?"
     "I've always been gifted, remember?"
     Icy remembers.  Bloom's snuck into her room plenty of times, after all, for a variety of reasons.
     "This place doesn't suit you.  Let's go out."
     "Let's not."
     Bloom stretches out on Icy's bed.  "Okay, let's not.  Let's talk."
     Icy stand
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 1 2
Naruto drabble- InoSaku
Ino had let her hair grow long after Sakura left her to chase Sasuke, and years later she had finally cut it to prove herself to Sakura.  It had grown back since then, and now, the morning after Sakura had shown up at her door telling her she loved her, she's cutting it off again.  
The hip-length strands fall to the floor, and Ino runs her fingers through her newly cropped 'do.  She turns as Sakura comes into the room.
"You like it?  It's symbolic."
To Ino's dismay, Sakura's face falls.
"It's just, you looked really hot with long hair."
:iconkinjiraretaningyou:KinjiraretaNingyou 5 7

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So.  So.  So.  Apparently?  Tonight?  There's a new show on hbo.  By Aaron Sorkin.
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